Over the years Hill has been processing a ‘layering’ method of painting that is visualised by sequencing action and interaction between measured composites of solvents and liquidised paint that is poured at pre-determined intervals during the drying time of each application. (see examples). The action of ‘layering’ is a direct reference to the conflict that exists between human ‘civilisation’ and the microbial world. Some canvases seem to be microscopic biological processes expanded to a massive size, while others appear to be vast geographical processes made to happen in a few square feet.

He builds batches of up to 10 canvases at a time on a wood and ply-board framework support which are designed to contain large quantities of solvents. When the painting process is complete, many of the multi-layered, works will evolve as they dry over long periods of time. Others, by contrast, which have much more delicate surfaces, will appear almost three dimensional in quality due to their rich luminous quality and become transformed under both natural and artificial light. The canvases range in size from 120 x 180cm/180 x 180cm/120 x 240cm/240 x 305cm. Work in progress 2016 – Present