‘Flaw’ – in progress 2016 – Present

“Derek Hill’s work explores the extremes of the traditional media of paint, in a non-traditional way. Surrounding himself with his work and using it for a constant source of reference, has resulted in Hill creating cycles of techniques and processes which have given his work a continual momentum (working on up to 10 canvases at a time), which cannot be conventionally defined by any chronological order. This current phase of work for example, (entitled; FLAW), has been under construction since 1996.

The process is as important to Hill as the finished piece itself. It has become a sort of ritual as he takes days to prepare his canvases and mix his paint. Canvases are prepared on stretchers of wood and board and are then sealed to give the appearance of shallow baths. A multitude of media is mixed from; resins and glue; solvents; industrial paint as well as traditional oil paints. The media is applied over a period of months by pouring the liquid mix into and onto the surface of the canvases which have been laid flat on the floor.

Hill’s passion lies with the way different materials react and change as they dry over time, slowly, critically, creating a juxtaposition of natural beauty and earthy industry.”