Over the years Hill has processed a method of painting that is inspired by the experience of visualising sequences of action and interaction between composites of solvents and paint as if they were stills from a movie or time-lapse sequences. He prepares batches of up to 10 canvases at a time, which are prepared on frameworks of canvas, wood, and board. The canvases are built as large, water-tight, tray-like containers, which are then laid flat on the floor. This allows me to pour quantities of liquidised paint and solvent composites into it and onto their surfaces at pre-determined intervals.  When complete, some series of works are robust and tactile. Other series, in contrast, appear almost three dimensional because of their rich luminous quality and become transformed under both natural and artificial light. It’s a passion which has allowed me a chance to explore the paradox of using industrial processes, which often involves using toxic and combustible materials, to achieve something alive and organic. Some of the multi-layered works will evolve over long periods of time, depending on their quality of consistency.