‘book’, was produced as a commission from the City of Sunderland and Arts Council England as part of Visual Arte Initiatives UK, 1996. The concept for ‘book’ is a celebration of the individuality and collectivism that made up the beauty, identity, and industry of the Art Studio.

It was made in collaboration with Nissan UK and Smith’s Electrical Vehicles UK.

book’ is by no means a conventional book, it consists of an aluminium and stainless steel box (2.25m x 1.25m x 0.75m), in which 16 aluminium sheets are fastened to a series of aluminium runners which make up each of the pages.

Each page has been transferred to high-resolution colour density, dura-clear film and fastened directly onto the metal. When in the open position ‘book’ measures 10 metres long.

Commissioned for “Visual Arts UK 1996”