Feathers & Lace on steel

Working with soft and hard-ground resistants on steel zinc and copper is very much like painting and influences, to a degree, the methods I use to make paintings. I use metallic and colour inks on highly absorbant paper to achieve intensity in the form and the tone of the work.

Soft and hard-ground etching on steel is a flexible drawing method and has a lot of options available that make you react spontaneously to the subject and the materials you bring to your disposal. These can be used in ways that can’t be manipulated using softer metals like zinc and copper or brass. I don’t need to dip plates into the acid bath, occasionally I pour and drain acids over the images I’m eking out of the metal, depending on the material I’m using at the time. Steel is very direct. Feathers & Lace on steel and all other collections are available for public and private exhibition.

Part 1: Charbonnel Duel Colour/Steel plate Soft ground and line etchings, on 350gms Somerset paper.
The works range in size from 30cm x 30cm / 50cm x 50cm / 45cm x 75cm.
Part 2: Charbonnel Black Concentre/Zinc plate Soft ground, Aquatint, and line etching on 350 gms Somerset paper.

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