Derek Hill: Flaw

‘Flaw’ – the unenviable pursuit of perfection – ‘Flaw’ consists mainly of oil on canvas, printmaking, and drawing. The work extends over three decades of practice. Canvases range in size from 120 x 180cm/180 x 180cm/120 x 240cm/240 x 305cm.

“Derek Hill works like an alchemist. Derek’s alchemy consists of making combinations from his remarkable storehouse of materials, and in deploying his immense compendium of techniques.  His images are drawn, poured, and painted in a meticulous sequence of actions balancing chance and control.  Some of his canvases are like microscopic biological processes expanded to a massive size.  Others appear to be vast geographical processes made to happen in a few square feet.  They are lucid and mysterious, generous and intense, majestic and, literally, wonderful.” – John Millard, from ‘Flaw’ – Hill’s series of exhibitions from 2010 – 2012. ‘Flaw’ is currently in progress.