Derek John Hill is an artist based in the northeast of England. The collection of artwork showcases Hill’s exceptional and unfaltering work since graduating from the Royal College of Art in 1982. Collections also include work from residencies and a fellowship. Since 1986, he has linked his art production to collaborative projects with professionals and non-professionals alike. For example, “Flaw” at The Art Studio from 1986–2012 and Hidden Kingdoms, Shifting Worlds 2015–present, at the CBCB, Newcastle University. A featured homepage presents a short slideshow of current artwork. A drop-down menu provides brief, detailed descriptions of Hill’s artwork and archives, including information about Hill’s projects: the Art Studio, collaborations, exhibitions, links to films and video playlists, achievements, and reviews.

The collections Flaw and Shifting Worlds each contain subcategories. For example, the “Flaw” collection has six subcategories; Shifting Worlds has two. The ink drawings and watercolours, including Machine, are in the Other Collections archives alongside Borders, Giant Fish, and the etchings categories Feathers & Lace and Victory & Defeat. There are links to ‘Shifting Worlds’ film sketches seen on YouTube, which Hill created alongside Dr. Richard Daniel at the CBCB, Newcastle University, that are set for future art installations.