Fellowship and Residencies: 1983–1985

Fellowship and Residencies: 1983–1985

Between 1983 and 1985:

Fellow, Artescape Fellowship, Sturton-by-Stow, Lincoln, & Lincoln College of Art

Artist-in-Residence, Walton School, Peterborough

Artist-in-Residence, Bishop-Grosse-Teste University, City of Lincoln.


Dr. Patrick Gogan, a psychiatrist at Lincoln Prison, established Artescape. It was a five-acre farm at Sturton-by-Stow, just a few miles from Lincoln, that served as the base for an army of white and Canadian geese. They were used as guards to trim the grass, and they would make loud, anguished screams for food daily. There were outhouses with lots of space, and the village shops were half a mile away. The highlight of the week at Artescape was jogging the half-mile up to the local butchers to get one of their famed Saxilby pork pies, which were steaming hot and smelled like they were ready for devouring.

Artescape was a retreat where I spent eighteen months in relative seclusion, generating ideas based on the Victory & Defeat concept and inspired by the farm. Aside from hosting a series of quarterly Open Day events for Lincoln Art College and Bishop-Gross-Teste University students, as well as audiences during the annual Lincoln Arts Festival, I had the entire space to myself. The financing for supplies was limited to printmaking and making art with anything I might find lying around, such as hay or what previous Fellows had left behind. Screenprinting and etching were done once a week at Lincoln College of Art by visiting students.

The Walton School and Bishop G-T University residencies happened as a result of the success of the Artescape Fellowship. I was invited to stage a display of my Fellowship and Residency work at Lincoln College of Art, Bishop G-T University, and Walton School in Peterborough in 1985. I watched as my artwork was used as the theme for a set piece for a public dance production by staff and students from Walton School in Peterborough.

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