Creating A New World: the exhibition

Creating a New World: The Exhibition 1992–2000

Creating a New World: an exhibition at the Northern Centre for Contemporary Art, Sunderland. Following its inception in 1986, the Art Studio, Sunderland, contributed significantly to the region’s and the nation’s cultural and artistic success.

The Art Studio received critical acclaim as an alternative resource for those marginalised or abandoned by mainstream establishment culture. It gave people the support and individual guidance they needed to reclaim their dignity and sense of purpose by becoming artists. The artwork below is a testament to the talent of the artists and individuals who dedicated their time and energy to building and fostering the Art Studio. Images include artworks from Creating a New World at the Northern Centre for Contemporary Art (NCCA), Giant Fish & Jumbos at the Washington Arts Centre, the Winter Gardens Museum, Sunderland, and the Centre for Developmental Art in Glasgow.  There are also images of artists’ spaces to reflect the studio environment. Further images from the archives will be added soon. Photographs by Rob Sargent and Keith Pattison

There have been a range of achievements by artists at the Art Studio over the years. Some earned honours and postgraduate degrees, while others exhibited and performed in solo and group shows across the region. A group of women went on to build the Women’s Art House, which was displayed at Newcastle’s Playhouse Theatre. Creahm, a Belgian and French initiative, invited one woman to show her work in galleries across twelve major European cities. A contingent of artists from the studio were invited to make work for a sculpture symposium in Gdansk and Warsaw. Derek Hill designed an art installation titled ‘Book’ for the Art Studio’s 10th anniversary celebration; Arts Council England and the City of Sunderland Arts and Libraries commissioned the project as part of the UK Year of Visual Arts 1996 Initiative. The Art Studio has also displayed artwork in pubs, theatres, civic centres, libraries, metro stations, regional health authorities, and other statutory buildings.

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